It’s All About You!

When you think of the way you want to be remembered, what comes to mind? What is your favorite song? What stories do your family and friends remember? Is there something so “you” that no one can think of you without remembering that specific thing?

The best funerals and memorial services are those that are properly tailored to leave your family and friends with meaningful memories. In fact, one of the most intriguing services that stand out in my memory stemmed from a lady who absolutely loved gospel choirs and knew their uplifting qualities. She came in before her passing knowing exactly how she wanted her service arranged, its participants and music so that her memory would be honored in the way she wanted it. Roper and Sons made arrangements with the Omaha Gospel Choir to sing her favorite gospel hymns. Rarely is there applause after a service but there was in this case.

No matter how you want to be remembered, Roper & Sons is here to help. From gospel choirs, to drum circles, to military honor guards, and more, you will be remembered exactly as you wish.