Why Should I Plan My Funeral?

Thinking ahead to the end of your life can be a little frightening, a little nerve wracking, and frankly, a hard thing to do. However, at Roper & Sons Funeral Home, our goal is to make planning much easier.

Think of it this way – by planning ahead, you help save your family time and emotional strain, not to mention helping them financially. You get to say how you want to be remembered, whether you want an elaborate service or a smaller, quiet memorial. You get to pick your own casket or urn, you get to choose the music you love and the scriptures or poems for your eulogy. Your family needs to spend time with each other, mourning in the way that best suits them, rather than spending hours in a funeral home with a virtual stranger, planning their final goodbye. And, perhaps most importantly, you relieve them of funding a proper service by paying for it through a policy that locks in today’s pricing and protects your family from almost all of the expenses related to a funeral service.

What more could you ask for, than to provide your family with a peaceful goodbye? If you want to learn more, contact Roper & Sons at 402-476-1225.