The Best Gift I’ve Ever Given

Recently, a gentleman wrote the following note to us, regarding the best birthday gift he’s ever given his children – on his own birthday. Even though today was my Birthday I gave a gift to my children by pre-planning my funeral arrangements. They will have no surprises or expense. Working with Theresa from Roper & Sons was very easy and comfortable. I was able to get all my wishes on paper and with the payment options my children will never have to wonder what to do and will not be financially burdened. Theresa was very knowledgeable and friendly and was able to take care of everything I asked for. Probably the best thing I’ve done in awhile. What greater gift than peace of mind for my children and me. Highly recommend to my friends if they have not thought of this gift to your family to call Roper and Sons to get more information. It’s easier than you think!