January 18, 1959 – September 23, 2020
Born in Lincoln, NE
Resided in Lincoln, NE

Leroy Allen Monroe

Hi everyone, my name is Leroy Allen Monroe. My life ended on Wednesday, September 23, 2020, but what happened before that day is where you come in. You are what made my life interesting since it began on January 18, 1959.

I was born in Lincoln, NE to Leonard G. and Lorene R. (Mares) Monroe. I was the third of five children, but everyone knows I was the favorite. My siblings say it’s because I was born with a bad ankle and I lived my first 2 years in braces and casts…..people who really know the truth will tell you it’s because I had a heart of gold and a kind soul.

I grew up in Indian Village. I went to Saratoga, Irving, and Lincoln High. I loved to ice fish and hunt with my uncle Vern Mares and his sons Scott and Monte. I was known for rescuing cats including those in feral colonies that shared my lunch. And it was no secret that I could spend an hour talking to anyone who paused for a second and looked my direction. So on that note, I’ll stop and let the others share more details. Starting with my wife Julie D. (Stephens) Monroe.

….I married Leroy on August 24, 1979. I thought I was luckiest girl in the world when I married the love of my life. We knew each other growing up in the same neighborhood, but I never imagined we would get married. I also never imagined we would have 2 great kids and 2 adorable grandsons. I soon learned that Leroy was a fantastic cook, and he could do anything that he wanted to do. The problem was, if he didn’t want to do it, there was no way he was going to get it. He was stubborn! Over the years people began to know us for all of the unusual tropical plants we had in our yard, and our Halloween decorations. You may have seen Leroy on the local news the year they broadcast from our front yard on Halloween. Most recently Leroy was spending his time in our new garage that he built for his Corvettes and Model T. I didn’t mind. It kept him from lounging on the bed or sofa.

…..Everbody thinks they have the best dad in the world, but that’s only because they didn’t know our dad. He didn’t play baseball with me (Nicholas Allen), or teach me (Bailey Whitney) how to drive a car, or force either us to do dumb activities we didn’t want to do, but he taught us how to enjoy life, and how to laugh. The kind of laughter that makes your face and belly hurt as it takes your breath away. He taught us right from wrong, and how to give everything you have to give, and then dig deeper and give even more. He taught us how to love, without judgment. He taught us to be proud of who we are, and to do the best we know how to do. This is what I (Nick) and Tabatha Hoggatt are teaching our boys (Leyton and Cooper).

…..As the siblings of Leroy, we have more to say than anyone cares to hear. We shared a bedroom, toys, cars, clothes….o.k. that’s a lie, no one ever wanted to wear his ugly clothes. We were jealous when grandma and grandpa vacationed with him in Denmark, and when mom and dad bought him a race car and paid for him to learn scuba diving (who even does that in Nebraska). Lenny and Larry took the spankings when Leroy did something wrong because they should have been watching their little brother…..Les had night terrors after Leroy made him watch The Exorcist when mom and dad were gone, and Leigh got the scar on her chin when she rolled off the the back of the sofa, over his belly and face first on her tin doll house. All of us had to care for his Siberian Huskies that he promised to care for…..and then didn’t.

…..Our crazy sister married Leroy. At first we didn’t think he knew what he was in for, but it didn’t take long for us to change our minds and begin to wonder WHAT WAS SHE THINKING! Our brother Mark still talks about the time Leroy almost burned down his house, but our sister Debbe tops that story when she talks about Leroy coming to her for a second opinion on a promise ring he bought for Julie. He first gave Julie a ring with her birthstone and she loved it…..imagine Julie’s surprise when she found out that was the “fake” and he gave her the real one. Our brother Rik will tell it like it is when he says Leroy had a heart of gold and that he never met a stranger. He knows that Leroy would talk to anyone.

The rest of Leroy’s story is written in the hearts and minds of everyone who met him. His fortune is found in your memories. His legacy remains in your laughter.

Leroy is survived by his wife Julie, son Nicholas (Tabatha) and daughter Bailey Monroe. Grandsons Leyton and Cooper Monroe. Brother Lenny (Janel) Monroe, sister-in-law LaRai Monroe, brother Les (Shawn Lewis) Monroe and sister Leigh Monroe – all of Lincoln. Many nieces, nephews and cousins. Leroy was preceded in death by his parents Leonard and Lorene Monroe, and brother Larry Monroe.

Although there is no visitation or service, a celebration of life will be held on Saturday, October 24, 2020 from 1-4 pm at Southview Baptist Church located at 3434 S 13th Street, Lincoln, Ne

Memorials May be made to the family for future determination.

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