Death and Social Media

In today’s society, social media is a very real, and often an important part of life. But what happens when you die? Does your account die with you?

The answer is… sort of. Google deletes your account after a period of inactivity (this includes any Google+ and email accounts you have).

Twitter and Instagram have a policy in place to allow an authorized person to give them permission to delete the account using a specific form, and Facebook has a couple of options. The deceased person’s account can be changed to a “memorialized” account, or it can be managed or deleted. You must go into settings and name a “Legacy Contact”, or authorize Facebook to delete your account.

Of course, you can also just leave your page alone – friends sometimes like to share or have “conversations” on your page as a way of grieving or memorializing you. As with all of your accounts, be sure to add handling of your social media footprint to your file of instructions for your loved ones after your death.

For further information, TechRadar provided this blog post