But, I Don’t Want a Traditional Funeral!

Traditional funerals — you know, the ones where everyone wears black, and everything is somber, and the eulogy could be for anyone, and the music couldn’t be any more standard — are fine for some people, but not for you!

Good news! YOU can choose what kind of service you have. You don’t have to go with anything traditional if you don’t want. You can have some contemporary and some traditional elements, or whatever you choose! At Roper & Sons, we strive to make your final remembrance about you. If that means throwing a big party, with beer & pizza, we’ll do it. If it means a traditional service with some of your favorite songs and Bible passages, you’ve got it!

We personalize every service so that when your loved ones say their final goodbye, they are left with good memories. From personalized service folders, to tribute videos with favorite photos and songs, even to the foods that are served at the reception following the service, everything is about remembering you in the way you want to be remembered.

We take pride in serving you and your family in the same way we would serve our own. If you would like to learn more about Roper & Sons Funeral Services, feel free to call us at 402-476-1225.