Basic Needs of the Bereaved

Grief is a normal, healthy process of life. Being a supportive friend can mean the world to someone who has experienced the death of a loved one. Below are some ways you can help.

A healthy balance of companionship and privacy – Be supportive, but allow privacy when a grieving loved one asks for it.

The opportunity to express grief without embarrassment – Provide a warm, comforting environment in which the bereaved can express their feelings openly and honestly.

Recognition of symptoms that may result from intense grieving

  • Sleep patterns
  • Energy levels
  • Eating habits
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Support and assistance in reentering the social world
  • Bereaved people need to be able to trust and depend on others to help them cope with the new social situations.

Assistance in resolving legal matters and business affairs – offer assistance resolving legal & financial concerns if you have the ability to do so. The opportunity to share their experience of loss – Be an active, patient, open-minded listener.